Creative process


Creative process


What is the emotional story being told?

The campaigns and visual brands that engage with an audience are created through the analysis of this question.


Meeting with the client, account manager and/or internal creative team to go over the brief.

Project & goal

What's the project (subject of the advertising); an idea, product, service, event? What are we trying to achieve?

Generate ticket sales for the 2017 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship.


How much does the client have to spend on billable hours, media buys and outside events?

We have enough budget for 30 hours, a series of boosted posts and we can hire a videographer.



Does the client have a specific direction, copy, call to action or visuals? Any existing brand that needs to be matched?

Shell wants to capture the fun spirit of Miami.


Roles assigned and individually or through brainstorming, fill-in any missing info listed below.

SWOT & market

Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Info on the client, product, industry. What makes the advertising subject unique amongst the competition?

Threats: Toronto, the host city for the 2017 World Juniors, is hosting several other sporting events in 2017.


How to appeal to them? How can this product solve their problems?

What are the demographics, interests, online hangouts of hockey fans?


With all the info gathered, it's time to begin working on the creative.

Emotion & style

What's the emotional story (fun, somber, humour, nostalgia)? Style of the creative visuals (eg., retro, modern)?

To connect with the audience, fun is used as the emotional story for Shell's "Saber dividir" logo.


Samples of other creative, rough ideas and plans presented to creative supervisor.

Art director helps focus the direction of the TELUS Cup creative.


Refinement of idea(s); feedback from creative supervisor, continues as needed.

Creative director approves LNG Canada's wellness logo.


Artwork is presented to client for feedback or approval.


With the possible aid of other team members, artwork is presented to the client.

The account manager and I have a successful conference call with Shell, explaining some key details of the Powerpoint.


If needed, artwork is refined and presented again to pass the client’s brand standards or to better align with their vision.

Adjustments are made to pass TELUS' strict no human representation in advertisement rule.


Artwork is uploaded, printed as needed.

Multiple sizes of newspaper ads are sent to the Toronto Star as part of a daily advertising campaign.


Too often overlooked, the results of the artwork and overall process are reviewed.


Did we meet the client's quantifiable goals? 

Increased page views year-over-year. 


Are there any efficiencies or key learnings for next time?

Need better job tracking software to keep all stakeholder apprised of each project.

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