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These 8 striking children’s books are brought to life through Lorna Schultz Nicholson's excellent writing & my Chuck Jones style illustrations.

Fenn Publishing, Penguin Random House
Book Puckster's First Hockey Sweater
Book Puckster's First Hockey Game
Book Puckster's First Hockey Tournament
Book Puckster's New Hockey Teammate
Book Puckster's First Hockey Tryout
Book Puckster Goes To The Olympics
Book Puckster's Christmas Hockey Tournament
Book Puckster Plays The Hockey Mascots
Puckster Sarah Roalie Francoise Charlie Manny
Puckster Outdoor Rink

The seven main characters.

Puckster Sad Supper
Puckster Gift
Puckster High Five Santa
Puckster Dancing
Puckster Pals Eating
Puckster Dancing Again
Francois Goalie Equipment
Puckster Group High Five
Puckster Gold Medal
Puckster Sketch
Puckster Inked
Charlie Shooting Progression
Puckster Coloured
Charlie Shooting Progression