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2017 IIHF World Juniors 


A fun live experience is the emotional story promised in these ads.

During the 2017 holiday season, 17.2 million individual Canadians watched the World Juniors from the comfort of their living room.


Attending a game live, with 19,000 energized fans, is a raucous party. Getting those TV watchers to buy a ticket to attend a game live, is the goal of this national advertising campaign.


As the art director on this project, I reviewed the detailed research on hockey fans, brainstormed slogan ideas with the creative team, and selected a visual theme: photographs, fonts and a unique colour scheme, with a focus on capturing the fun fan experience. I presented artwork to the client and made refinements to better align with their needs.

The engaging campaign was expertly applied to hundreds of different media (newspaper, posters, magazines, web ads, social posts, video, UI & UX), which helped to exceed ticket sale targets.





The fun of a hot day on Miami’s south beach, is the emotional story told in these ads.

More than just a symposium on Shell lubricants, the 2019 Americas Distributors Conference is an active relationship between Shell and their top South American retailers.


This large-scale event required both an engaging slogan and an exciting brand identity for all onsite creative. After the account manager and I met with the client, he wrote the brief while I brainstormed slogan copy; "Your success our mission". With the blessing of my creative director, I produced a slogan design that visually referenced the values of the conference; the “O” letter shapes are speech bubbles, reinforcing the conversation between Shell and their retailers. The slogan design features Shell’s: typeface (Futura), three primary colours (red, yellow, grey), and simple yet effective flat shapes.

This conference is seen by many in attendance as a reward for years of hard work, with an 80's themed party held on Miami’s south beach. As such, the brand identity’s versatile and colourful floating speech bubbles reflect that sense of fun — while still surpassing Shell’s reasonable yet demanding internal visual team’s inspection. This well received brand identity was expertly applied to a variety of media including; signage, banners, booklet and accreditations.



Hockey Canada


The pride of our Canadian hockey heritage, is the emotional story told in this visual brand.

Hockey Canada is a brand based on a corporate culture of strength and tradition; positive hockey experiences shared between staff, volunteers and players.


Those values were the influence in my creation of this visual brand; in the form of an anniversary logo (featuring a circa 1930’s naturalistic leaf), strong fonts (Olsen Offc Bold, Univers Ultra Condensed) and a vintage hockey jersey (texture and stripe).


Under my guidance, this versatile brand identity has been successfully used by Hockey Canada’s communication team (design, social, web, video, photo, media, copywriters) and external partners, on thousands of projects – saving time and money, while reinforcing the quality of one Canada’s most revered brands.

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